About Us

Our Business

Our executive director, Thato Segaole, had a vision of building a media and marketing house that trades is all aspects of media giving brands the best marketing solutions that reaches all intended prospects through limitless marketing concepts Thus the birth of BlackMarket Media. A fully black owned and managed brand-building media and marketing agency.

Our Difference

As BlackMarket Media we shall not rest until all client goals and objectives are met, until we have explored the best possible way to deliver messages to all intended prospects, until we are certain that what we deliver meets expectations and we have successfully provided the best, most feasible solution to all client objectives and concerns. We shall deliver!

How We deliver

We deliver media strategies tailored for each client’s brand image and campaign objectives. This through extensive research of the targeted market.

The planned and approved strategies are followed by media buying with our trusted media owners, such as Times Media, Media 24, Media Mark, Highveld, Kaya FM, to name but a few. And further management are maintained throughout the running of each campaign, followed by Post Campaign Analysis to show how the projects performed in the market.